We are expanding

We are


Would you like to own your own Tellution store?

We are looking to develop some strategic areas in the Province of Quebec.

With several franchises in operation, Tellution Quebec’s largest phone and tablet repair company. We are continuing to grow by offering and efficient and structured business model yielding strong margins for operators and investors.

All with a simple and professional approach for our clients and our franchisees.

Who are Tellution franchises right for?

Tellution franchises are right for anyone who wants to be their own boss.  Tellution doesn’t sell hamburgers.  We are a service business, and each franchisee can put their own stamp on they way they offer the service that comes with the brand.  Of course we have high standards but teamwork wins over rigidity.  A Tellution franchise is an exceptional opportunity to join an expanding network.  Each new franchisee brings value to the company and the brand.  Don’t wait for prices to increase, join us today!

A Tellution franchise means not just investing on paper but in a real company that provide work for your friends and family.  It is an investment that everyone will notice.

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