Before we end, I want to share a tool that has massively improved my productivity when building apps with Flutter. This isn’t an endorsement – I just really like the tool and want you to know about it, too. React Native is JavaScript-based and is an extension of the React library. React-native uses native components for building the UI, which provides a native look and feel for the app. These widgets are not simple UI elements like buttons and text boxes. They include complex widgets like scrolling lists, navigations, sliders, and many others.

Mobile Development with Flutter and Dart Lessons

It offers fast development times, beautiful and responsive designs, and a single codebase for both iOS and Android. Its hot-reload feature allows developers to see changes in Mobile Development with Flutter and Dart Lessons real time, reducing overall development time. This 1-day training equips delegates with hands-on experience in Flutter’s architecture, widgets, and app development workflow.

Project: Creating a Flutter Survey App

One of our training experts will be in touch shortly to go over your training requirements. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit used to create cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more. But React Native’s reliance on native components makes it difficult to achieve consistent performance across multiple platforms. It can also lead to inconsistencies in the UI between iOS and Android.

Flutter’s fast development cycle and hot reload feature allow developers to build applications faster than other alternatives. Flutter offers a unique approach to building user interfaces by using its own set of customizable widgets. This approach gives Flutter a unique look and feel compared to other mobile development frameworks. Flutter Apprentice is a practical book, with lots of examples to follow and code that you can put to use in your own apps. And it’s based on the very latest Flutter 2.5 release and the latest features in the Dart language. This training focuses on Mobile App Development using Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit.

Learn Flutter for free with Flutter Apprentice!

Experience expert-led classroom learning from the comfort of your workplace and engage professional development. Proficiency in Flutter is essential for developers aiming to create seamless cross-platform mobile applications efficiently. Aspiring Mobile App Developers, Software Engineers, and UI/UX Designers seeking a comprehensive understanding of cross-platform development benefit greatly. Entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts looking to enter the mobile app space should also master Flutter for its versatility and efficiency. You will learn how to use the free code editor Visual Studio Code to write a Flutter application.

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